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Required Forms for Participation in Athletics

Attention Athletes for the 2016-2017 School Year you will need:

1. A completed Sports Tryout Packet.
2. To complete the New Required "Concussion In Sports" video and print your certificate
 3. Return all forms to Coach Rowe prior to participation in any sports, conditioning, or clinics.

Click below on the RED  button to download your Sports Tryout Packet.
Click on the Brain, nfhs link below and "click here" for Instructions on Concussion video!
ATTENTION - Important Information for all students!  Any student trying out for a sport must complete the mandatory FHSAA "Concussion In Sports" video before they can tryout.  The video can be located at : 

For complete instructions on how to take the course and print  your required certificate... CLICK HERE

Florida High School Athletics Association
 (Our Governing body for Athletics)

Student Accident Insurance :

Students are also required to have insurance prior to sports' participation.  Please click on the button below to visit the link if you need insurance coverage or you can call 1-800-541-8256 for assistance. 

Registration Requirements for Non-Traditional Students

The registration of non-traditional students for the 2016-17 school year may begin as early as July 1, 2016. Non-traditional students must register intent to participate at a school before the beginning of the sport season in which they wish to participate. 
To register intent, one or more of the following forms may be used (the exact forms depend on the type of non-traditional student).
It is a mandatory requirement that MUST be completed by the parents and returned to the member school's athletic director. The member school will then send the forms to FHSAA for approval prior to the student participating and/or trying out for any sport. Approval of forms takes approximately 8-10 days. 
These forms may be found on FHSAA.org website:

             Sports Tryout Packet (red button above)
             EL7 Form (home education students)
             EL7 Form FAQ (frequently asked questions)

             EL7V Form (home education students only)
             EL9 Form (home school academic progress report)
              EL12 Form  (non member private school student)
             EL14 Form (non traditional open enrollment option)
             GA4 Form (Affidavit on Athletic Recruiting)